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Winter Covers

Eliminate algae growth
Save time and money preparing your pool
One pool cover can be used all year round

EnergyGuard winter pool cover beneath the snow

EnergyGuard Winter Cover
Innovative cover beats
algae growth over the winter

The EnergyGuard and CoolGuard swimming pool covers are a great investment because they can be used all year round.

Algae growth is eliminated when EnergyGuard and CoolGuard are used as winter pool covers, without the use of chemicals. This means that a pool owner will save many hours of preparation time by not having to filter, backwash and vacuum the pool, as well as saving money on chemicals and electricity usage. A great start for the new swimming season!

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UK Test

A pool was covered with an EnergyGuard cover and a woven mesh debris cover from October 2008 to April 2009. No winter pool chemicals were used. The water was clear of algae after the 6 month period.

When the UK pool was opened after the winter period, there were two newts living in the pool, proving how eco-friendly the water was! (The newts were re-homed in a nearby pond.)

After the winter period, the pool’s chorine level was zero, the pH 7.8 and the water temperature 51 ̊ F/11 ̊C.

Winter Pool Covers

A typical woven mesh winter cover prevents leaves and debris from entering the pool. It will allow light through and therefore require chemical treatment to prevent algae growth.

The EnergyGuard and CoolGuard covers have a black underside that blocks the light from entering the water, therefore stopping photosynthesis and inhibiting algae growth. The covers are used in conjunction with a woven mesh debris cover. The pool owner gains a number of benefits by using the EnergyGuard or CoolGuard products as a winter cover.

Save time

You can significantly reduce the very time consuming job of preparing your swimming pool for the new season. Many hours will be saved by not having to filter, backwash and vacuum the pool to remove algae, as well as clean out
leaves and debris.

Save money

By not having to use chemical treatments during the winter period
By not having to shock dose the pool water with chemical treatments when it is reopened
By reducing energy consumption and water usage for filtering and backwashing the pool water.
  Pool clear of algae after 6 months

EnergyGuard cover
on the pool


Pool clear of algae
after 6 months

Newts living in the water

Newts living in
the pool water


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