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We know that we can help your business, but don't just take our word for it. 
Here are some comments from our customers:

"As someone who has been in the pool industry for many years I am always seeing new products making great claims as to how good they are so it was with some doubt in my mind that I tried the black EnergyGuard GeoBubble pool cover on my own pool.

I put it on in September and did not put any winterising chemicals at all in the pool. When I drew the cover back in May I was delighted and, I have to admit, quite suprised to see that the pool water was absolutely crystal clear. Just as I had left it 7 months ago. All the pool needed was one visit from my pool cleaner and it was ready to swim in. I am highly delighted with the algae restricting performance of the EnergyGuard cover, not only did it give me a crystal clear pool, it also saved me spending money on winterising chemicals.

For the first time in 20 years I did not have to do any Spring clean up in my pool.

Peter Joyce. MD of PoolStore UK Ltd. www.poolstore.co.uk
Peter Joyce Pool

"Firstly I would like to say how much I appreciated the advice and assistance you gave me in choosing a pool cover that would be appropriate for the area I live in, Almeria in Spain. I think it is very prudent to take advice rather than purchasing a pool cover that may be unsuitable for my location.

The Sol+Guard has proved to be a huge success, raising my pool temperature by at least 8 degrees above the pool temperature in April/May of the previous two years, 2008/2009. There is a minimal temperature loss overnight as it can get quite cold in the mountains where my house is located.

In June, the pool water is too hot for me but it will suit my wife and grandchildren very well.

With the Sol+Guard on our pool we were able to start swimming on the 10th April this year compared to the end of May last year. Whilst I cannot say how long in the autumn months we will be using the pool I think it would be fair to say that our swimming season will be extended by two months either side."

Phil Stratten, Domestic Pool Owner, Almeria, Spain.

"I am delighted that Plastipack has developed three innovative products for the swimming pool cover market. The covers are selling fast. We have made sales across Europe, as well as in Thailand and Syria. Our customers are already reporting an increase in their pool temperature with Sol+Guard. It is really beneficial having two UV formulations for Sol+Guard and EnergyGuard because we can provide a cover that is appropriate for our client's location.The new 'Guard' products really do deliver a range of practical, financial and environmental benefits to the end-user."

John R Spencer, Director, www.covers4pools.co.uk
Sol+Guard cover on a swimming pool

"We are really pleased with our new Sol+Guard cover.  The cover has made a dramatic difference to both the speed of heating the water and heat retention.  In addition, our underwater lighting penetrates the cover and creates a great feature at night!"

Mr & Mrs Beard, Domestic Pool Owners, East Sussex, UK

"We have successfully installed VapourGuard floating covers at a number of small to medium sized dam sites.  The material is self-supporting, strong and easy to weld.  It gives our customers the results they need in terms of evaporation prevention, stopping algae growth and harvesting rainfall.  The Plastipack team give us excellent customer service with fast response times and detailed order schedules.  We feel very confident that they will always support our business in any way they can.  We certainly recommend VapourGuard for dams and reservoirs up to 40ML/12,000 m2."

Graham Fairhead, MD, Fabtech SA Pty Ltd, Australia, www.fabtech.com.au

VapourGuard cover on a dam/reservoir

"I live in the Portuguese Algarve and own a Quinta where I grow oranges and grapes. As my property is rural I do not have mains water, my only source is from a borehole. Water is pumped once a week from the ground and stored in a 55,000 litre above ground water tank.

The problem that I had prior to fitting a VapourGuard cover was that the water would turn green and smelt of rotting vegetables, this wouldn’t matter too much if I was only watering the plants and trees but unfortunately it is the water that we use in the house and does not make for a good shower or bath.

Once a year I would have to empty the tank - completely, bucket out a six inch layer of leaves, weed and rotting matter then power hose clean. This was very time consuming and resulted in no water in the house during the cleaning period.

I last cleaned the tank in December prior to fitting the Vapourguard cover, six months have passed and the difference is dramatic, no more smelly green water, if I lift the cover now I can still see the bottom of the tank, previously this would have been impossible as little as two weeks after the cleaning. The cover not only keeps out the sun which inhibits the algae growth but also the leaves from surrounding trees, hopefully no more power hosing at least not this year anyway.

I would be happy to recommend Vapourguard."

Paul Shawe, Algarve, Portugal

Estimated evaporation rate a 6.8 metre* 1.5 metre high tank with 55,000 litre in Portugal would be 27450 litres or 49% of water.

 “The customer increased irrigation area and noticed savings in water quantity and quality thus proving Vapourguard eliminates algae and significantly reduces evaporation.”
VapourGuard cover on a dam/reservoir


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