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Quality Policy

Our “Vision” and aim is to produce high quality energy and resource saving products. Our plastic extrusion processing plant has been established to provide our customers with a high quality choice of products. We manufacture bubble materials, for the use in the swimming pool market, water storage market and other niche areas. We will provide specialist technical help to our customers and work in partnership to utilise our existing and potential products to a maximum and work to understand any limitations involved. 

Plastipack is committed to a comprehensive and developing policy of assuring the quality of its service to all clients. In accomplishment of this aim, our objective is to provide a courteous and efficient service, carried out to controlled practices, and to standards that are consistently maintained. Plastipack achieved ISO 9001 Certification in May 2005.  A quality manager has been appointed to ensure the requirements of this standard are implemented and maintained throughout the company.
Quality Certification

Investor in People

We believe sustained quality excellence is achieved only by continuous improvement and shall strive to improve the service to our customers by means of structured corrective and preventive action measures. We operate a continuous and proactive development program to seek out ways to improve existing products by providing innovation in the marketplace.

Since our outset, we have given the highest priority to establishing a co-operative and reliable supplier base and can assure our clients of the highest specification materials originating from quality approved sources. All subsequent processing is carried out by a skilful and dedicated work force utilising quality processing equipment and technology to strict quality assurance procedures.

The Management of Plastipack attach great importance to the contribution that all employees make to the quality of products, service and to the continuous improvement process. Open communication and employee involvement is actively encouraged to generate an innovative environment to capitalize on useful ideas. Resource and training requirements are consistently reviewed to ensure rapid response in tune with product and seasonal demand and to ensure all employees are able to play their role in the implementation of this policy.

Our policy is directed towards continuous development,
we therefore reserve the right to change any relative statements


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