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How does Plastipack help increase the profitability
of my business?

Help is available to ensure that you maximise sales when you launch your marketing efforts for EnergyGuard, CoolGuard and Sol+Guard. Marketing support
Minimising your fabrication production costs with fewer welds (we sell 2m and 2.5m wide rolls of material, the cover will look much better for the customer too).
Exceeding your customers’ expectations in terms of product quality, product choice, financial savings and environmental benefits…they will be back for more.
Enabling you to be the first to offer new products to the market as a result of our programme of constant innovation.
Ensuring product benefits are proven through independently approved scientific testing.
Offering the widest range of products on the market to meet your customers’ needs.
First class customer service - before, during and after sales. Our customers tell us that our rapid response to their enquiries and honest ongoing communication is unrivalled. You will not let your customers down with the reliability of Plastipack behind you.
Order flexibility - order mixed product loads in a single delivery. Please ask for further information.
  Peter Adlington with roll of swimming pool bubble material


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Patent applied for CoolGuard™ No. 0820437.2, EnergyGuard™ No. 0820440.6,
Sol+Guard™ No. 820435.6 and GeoBubble™ No. PCT/2010/001851

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