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October 2012

Plastipack Ltd is pleased to announce the release of the NEW updated VapourGuard website! Water Resource are a costly and diminishing resource with growing demand and unpredictable climate conditions resulting in the protection and efficient use of the available water supply a environmental and economic concern. Using simple hot wedge welding systems VapourGuard can provide a secure cleaner and sustainable solution to improving efficiency to meet you water storage needs. VapourGuard can be installed on a tank or farm dam/reservoir preventing algae growth and evaporation securing the quality and quantity of the stored water. VapourGuard.com contains detailed information on both the benefits of the rainwater harvesting system and how to get involved with Plastipack Ltd in this new and growing year round market.

Waterwise Approved
June 2012

Plastipack’s materials have met all the criteria to be endorsed as Waterwise Approved by the Water Corporation in Australia. The Water Corporation, with support from Smart Approved WaterMark, Australia’s water conservation label, has created the Waterwise Approved product endorsement program in response to a drying climate in Western Australia and the increasing need to use our water wisely.
Waterwise Approved

Production Update
April 2012

This month sees the arrival of Plastipack’s new extruder. Investment in this new machine will help the team to meet increased demand plus the new machinery is able to produce both 2m and 2.5m widths providing increased production flexibility.

It’s what every pool is wearing!
March 2012

Plastipack’s marketing materials, design and slogan for their new swimming pool material with GeoBubble technology are receiving a positive response from the industry. Their advert in Pool & Spa Scene’s October edition won Best Advertisement 2011 and the Plastipack team were delighted to accept the award from Christina Connor at Spatex 2012 last month.
What every pool is wearing

New GeoBubble technology
October 2011

Launched at the Aquanale and Piscina 2011 exhibitions, Plastipack’s new innovative bubble shape is scientifically designed to increase the expected lifespan of swimming pool bubble cover material. Created through research and development with two British university partners, this new bubble shape is specifically designed for use in swimming pools and sets a new quality benchmark for all other swimming pool cover materials.

Investors in People Bronze
October 2010

Investors in People is the UK's leading people management standard. Beyond ‘The Standard’, which all organisations need to achieve to become recognised, Plastipack can celebrate their further achievement as they have met the additional requirements to be recognised as Investors in People Bronze.
IIP Bronze

New Reflective Storage Cover
October 2009

Plastipack launches its Reflective Storage Cover that will protect a pool cover from permanent solar damage and reduce the temperature of a stored pool cover by 30°C+.
Reflective storage cover

Trademarks Approved
September 2009

Plastipack receives confirmation of its Registered Community Trademarks for the EnergyGuard, CoolGuard, Sol+Guard and VapourGuard materials.  VapourGuard also has trademarks approved in Australia and South Africa.

More Smart Approved WaterMarks
July 2009

Plastipack’s innovative EnergyGuard, CoolGuard and Sol+Guard cover materials are awarded the Smart Approved WaterMark.  SAWM is Australia’s outdoor water saving labelling program for products and services that help to reduce water use around the home.
Smart Approved WaterMark

Winter Pool Cover
April 2009

Tests prove that the EnergyGuard and CoolGuard pool covers can be used all year.  A test in the UK proved that it has many benefits as a winter pool cover, including eliminating algae growth for the winter period without the use of chemicals
winter pool cover

4 new products launched
November 2008

Plastipack launched 4 new products at the Piscine 2008 exhibition in November 2008.

Smart Approved WaterMark - VapourGuard
September 2008

Plastipack’s innovative VapourGuard product has been awarded The Smart Approved WaterMark.  SAWM is Australia’s outdoor water saving labelling program for products and services that help to reduce water use around the home.

Established by four associations closely involved with water use – the Water Services Association of Australia, the Australian Water Association, Nursery & Garden Industry Australia and the Irrigation Association of Australia.

January 2007

Plastipack is carrying out a number of tests to quantify the following:
• Evaporation of water
• Heat loss
• Solar Heat Gain
• Chemical Loss

Production Capacity
January 2007

Plastipack has invested in extra production equipment for 2007 for our customer's requirements and the continued growth of the company.
Man working on Plastipack’s machinery

January 2007

To help with our customer's requirements and our stock, we have increased our Roll Storage by a further 70%
Rolls of swimming pool cover material

Production Update
January 2007

As part of our commitment to product improvements Plastipack is introducing a new UV/Chlorine resistant stabilizer. The colours and appearance will remain the same. Changeover will take a period of time for all products to be encompassed. Our customer service department will keep you informed.
Inside the Plastipack manufacturing facility

ISO 9001 Certification
May 2005

With Quality Services and Products being such an integral part of companies now. Plastipack Ltd are delighted to inform you that we have achieved the ISO 9001 Certification.

This together with our Investment In People Award will further demonstrate our committment to all our customers, providing quality products and Customer Service.
ISO 9001 certification

New Bubble Line Extruder
January 2004

Plastipack can now accept orders for swimming pool cover material at 2.5m width as well as the existing material at 2.0m width.

You can now increase your efficiency by producing either a 5.0m or 4.5m pool cover with just one weld!

2.5m width extruder

Investor in People
April 2003

Plastipack achieved the Investors in People Standard in April 2003.  The Investors in People Standard provides a framework that helps organisations to improve performance and realise objectives through the effective management and development of their people.

Investor in People


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