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GeoBubble Technology

What is GeoBubble?

• It is a new innovative swimming pool bubble cover material created through research and development, that is scientifically designed to improve the lifespan of the material

• Is specifically developed for use in swimming pools meaning the design has multiple benefits in comparison to traditional bubble material shapes

• It has a distinctive shape that is unique and will catch the end consumers’ eye creating curiosity and interest

• Is the next generation of premium swimming pool bubble cover material and is available in all of our colour range and Guard materials.

These features mean that GeoBubble
will withstand chemical and UV attack for longer than a ‘traditional’ shape bubble, and as a result
will increase its expected lifespan by 25%+*

How has GeoBubble been scientifically designed to last longer?

• Smooth shape and uniform thickness results in reduced stress and less thin points in the bubble. By eliminating these stress points the product will not prematurely fail through UV or chemical attack

• In comparison to a traditional bubble’s weakest points the material is 50% thicker. This thicker material will take longer to breakdown meaning the product will last longer

• Two bubbles are joined together by a thick waistline structure, resulting in a larger footprint area that is more resistance to air expansion. By reducing the stress on the material this leads to an increased product lifespan.

What are the limitations of the Traditional Bubble?

• Sharp corners result in stress points which lead to material break down and premature product failure

• Thin points in the bubble result in weak points that have a low resistance to UV or chemical attack

• Low resistance leads to a shorter lifespanLimited room for expansion and contraction of the bubble leads to high stress on the material resulting in a low product lifespan

How has this new and unique bubble design been developed?

Plastipack’s GeoBubble design was scientifically refined through research and development in collaboration with the polymer centre in London Metropolitan University and the University of Brighton. A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) conducted over a 5 year period focused initially on understanding how bubble swimming pool cover material worked and how it could be improved. The key elements established from this research were that the cause of material breakdown was; the corrosive environment the products are placed in, combined with the design of the bubbles. Although the environment cannot be changed the product design can be improved! By eliminating stress and weak points an optimum product was developed to be more resistant to UV and chemical attack, resulting in the product lasting longer.

"The new GeoBubble design has been engineered to give increased stiffness to the form and increased life for the product. This has been done after careful analysis of the shape, material and manufacturing process. The final bubble form is attractive and also has more uniform wall thickness and much less internal stress

Dr Mathew Philip, The Polymer Centre, London Metropolitan University

What does the market think?

Our research shows that in purchasing a swimming pool cover, the key features pool owners are concerned with are:

• Longevity of the cover
• Efficiency saving
• Ease of getting a cover on and off a pool

The focus group showed excitement for the new product and believed in its benefits. They were pleased that a high quality product with clear information would be available in the marketplace. Plus from the success of our Guard products to date, we know that pool owners want premium products.

To find out more information about GeoBubble technology please see www.geobubble.co.uk

*provided swimming pool water is balanced within industry standard


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