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Environmental Policy

We Plastipack Ltd, being an organisation that has recognised the need to manage its impact on the environment, hereby makes the following commitment

In all our activities, we will continuously work towards protecting all aspects of the environment both local and global levels. In order to move towards this goal we will strive to:
Plastipack’s manufacturing facility

  1. Meet all necessary legal and regulatory requirements, in so far as they pertain to our business.
  2. Obtain reliable information on the products we manufacture and supply, and present this to our customers to enable them to make an informed choice on environmental grounds.
  3. Continue to raise the awareness of our employees, the effects of their actions, and their responsibility to the environment; by communications, discussions and training.
  4. Reduce consumption of energy and other resources, and maximise the efficiency with which they are used.
  5. Make use of, wherever practicable, the best environmental practice when planning and developing new and existing operations.
  6. Actively encourage our suppliers to provide goods and services with the least adverse environmental impact.
  7. Make a positive effort to understand the sensitivities of our customers, including their need to respond to changing public concerns about the environment.
  8. Put in place the necessary management systems to instruct, control and monitor our commitment.
Our policy is directed towards continuous development,
we therefore reserve the right to change any relative statements


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